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Learn about Zac

Since writing his first line of code at age 9, Zac has been completely fascinated with computers.

These days Zac spends his time contributing to open source projects, speaking at various technology events around the world and taking strides toward safer ecommerce transactions by deploying ML based software for fraud/risk analysis and onomly detection With experience in multiple areas of product development and delivery, Zac brings his years of learning and growing to multiple venues and events across the globe.

Zac Brown, 2020

Public Speaking

I speak at various types of events around the world, including Berlin, Amsterdam and London

Wannabe YouTuber

I'm constantly creating inspiring multimedia content for his YouTube channel and various other platforms

Software Engineer

As a professional software engineer, I can bring logic and reasoning to any situation

My Recent Content

April 22, 2020

CASTING: Life of a Contractor

I've recently started filming a new limited web series for my YouTube channel called Life of a Contractor. In the series, I spend time with various different 1099 contractors in the United States to understand what their job requires and see if I have what it takes to work among them. Check out the....

February 28, 2020

Open Letter to T-Mobile CEO John Legere

This is a letter I wrote to T-Mobile CEO John Legere after weeks of frustration and issues trying to get my new Apple Watch to work with the T-Mobile network. Ultimatley, they told me my watch was the problem and had to be replaced. After a quick trip to an AT&T store, I had ported my number to a new service plan there....

January 11, 2020

Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

If you've made it to this page, you probably were one of the lucky winners of a Raspberry Pi board at one of my workshops or conference talks. I hope you're crazy excited to jump into a cool project and build something amazing! To help you get started, I put together a list of cool projects I've found in various places online. These projects are cool, simple and contain everything you need to get started on your....

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