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January 11, 2020

Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

If you’ve made it to this page, you probably were one of the lucky winners of a Raspberry Pi board at one of my workshops or conference talks. I hope you’re crazy excited to jump into a cool project and build something amazing!

To help you get started, I put together a list of cool projects I’ve found in various places online. These projects are cool, simple and contain everything you need to get started on your next creation.

If there are some project ideas that you know of and think should be on this list, let me know in the comments below.

These ideas came from various sources on the Internet including UbuntuPit

1). Pocket Sized Computer

These days we want everything that isn’t a screen to be smaller and smaller. So why not build a tiny, portable pocket sized computer? Have you ever been interested in learning how everything works together?

This is one of the most popular Pi projects among hardware enthusiasts because you get to build a system from almost the bottom up.

Check out the project here

2). Twitch Bot

Twitch is a live video streaming platform used worldwide for streaming live shows and events. You can make a Twitch bot and stream your own videos with it using the old Raspberry board you’ve got lying around.

This is one of the cooler Pi projects ideas I’ve come across because it harnesses the amazing power of the Twitch platform. You can even stream multiplayer output from popular games!

Checkout out the project here

3). SmartTV

SmartTVs are cool. They allow you to install various entertainment apps and really enjoy your viewing experience.

You can easily build a SmartTV with your new Raspberry Pi board!

Check out the project here

4). Raspberry Pi Distance Sensor

This is a really cool project for all of you engineers out there! This project will help you broaden your skill set and prepare you to tackle new, exciting challenges.

This is also a great project for your portfolio, or to impress fellow engineer friends at nerd parties.

Check out the project here

5). Media Center

Everybody likes to watch stuff and be entertained. But what if you could control the entire experience? You totally can with the Raspberry pi Media Center porject!

Check out this project here

6). VPN Server

Online privacy is everything. VPNs protect you by providing a safe access point to browse Internet content.

You can easily build a VPN server with your Raspberry Pi to provide that ultimate confidence and security while on the Internet.

Check out the project here

7). FM Radio Station

Radio stations are cool, right? But how do they actually work? Did you know that you can build an FM radio station with your Raspberry Pi? You totally can!

Just keep in mind that while you’re building your very own FM radio transmitter that you don’t want to interfere with local FM frequencies. You’ll get into some trouble for that

Check out the project here

8). Laser Tripwire

This is another one of those cool projects that help you learn a new concept. This project uses a laser beam and detects activity when it’s broken. It’s a great starting point for something more complex like parameter projection.

Check out the project here

9). Time Lapse Camera

Learn how to interact with a camera feed using your Raspberry Pi. This projects guides you through the process of creating a time lapse camera using your new Raspberry Pi.

Very cool interactions between the software and the hardware of the device.

Check out the project here

10). Home Automation System

This one could become pretty complex, but totally worth it. It’s a great way (similar to my ARAN project) to learn about how interconnected devices work to automate daily tasks.

Check out the project here