Public Speaking

Resources for my public speaking engagements

Presented at: Little Rock Tech Fest, PyVegas, PyCarribean

Easy CI/CD for your Python app using Bitbucket Pipelines

Building your application is the fun part, but delivering your application is equally important. Many engineers lack the additional devops knowledge required to build and maintain a pipeline process using tools like Jenkins, or Bamboo. Bitbucket has saved the day, we’ll explore how. In this talk, we’ll discuss and demonstrate the various options and functionality available to help us easily build, test and deploy our Python applications with just a few lines of yml

Presented at: Little Rock Tech Fest, QueerCode London

Simple, scalable APIs with Serverless and Lambda

Lambda is an amazing service that allows you to create serverless applications. It’s affordable and efficient, but can be overwhelmingly complex. If your function needs any other AWS resources, you have to provision those resources, and setup all of the complicated permissions so your Lambda function can interact with the rest of the AWS ecosystem. In this talk, we’ll explore the Serverless framework and utilize it’s many functionalities build a simple Python based RESTful API backed by DynamoDB. We’ll walk through the steps of configuring our Lambda function, creating our DynamoDB tables, and authorizing our API requests through the AWS API Gateway. At the end of the talk, we’ll deploy our function to AWS and demo the basic API functionality.

Presented at:

Type Hinting in Python: An introduction to better code

Starting with version 3.5, Python added a new library called typing. This library adds type hinting abilities to your python applications that enables you to build secure, reliable scripts. In this talk, we’ll explore various aspects of the typing library and how to apply these concepts to your code. We’ll then take those concepts and apply what we’ve learned to a handful of sample scripts I’ve taken from actual production code bases.